Request a Refund


How do I submit a request for a refund?

  1. Submit 1 request by tapping the link below that corresponds to your reason for cancellation.
  2. Provide necessary documentation.
  3. Your refund will then be reviewed to see if it meets our criteria.
  4. Deadline for refund request and all supporting documentation is due one week after event ends.


Please click on the link below that corresponds to your personal situation for which you are seeking a refund. We will accept one request per ticket holder. If your situation qualifies, you will receive a 100% refund of your registration fees for any one of the following reasons (note: documentation of proof will be needed):

    • The death, injury, or illness happening to the attendee or exhibitor within one month of the event: FILE REQUEST
    • Mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft in route of a private vehicle taking the attendee to this event; FILE REQUEST
    • The attendee being summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness during the event which they were unaware of at the time of registration: FILE REQUEST
    • Burglary or fire at the residence of the attendee in the forty-eight (48) hours immediately before this event that required attendance of the emergency services: FILE REQUEST
    • The attendee being a member of the armed forces and being posted overseas unexpectedly within one month of the event: FILE REQUEST


Email [email protected] if you need additional information.