Wreath Makers Live!


TERRI MARSHALL, MilandDil Designs

Terri Marshall is the owner of MilandDil Designs in Shreveport, Louisiana. The business started in 2011 with one of her daughter-in-laws — that’s where the MilandDil name originated. With a shared passion for florals and all things beautiful, these two have moved the business forward to where it is today. It has always been Terri’s love to create even before the business started. Her enjoyment of decorating her own home eventually opened the door to a thriving floral business. Now Terri is an industry leader in the wreathing and floral world. Her influence in the has had a great impact on how others create. As a designer, Terri’s innovative spirit has driven her to dream, design and share new ideas with others through her instructional videosand tutorials. Thinking about new ways, breaking design rules and coming up with different ways to do what is normally done gives Terri a bit of an edge with her innovative thinking. And that’s how the “Terri Bow” was created – her signature bow known everywhere in wreathing circles. MilandDil Designs has expanded their business with an online website offering not only their custom designs, but an entire line of seasonal décor and gifts. They also have included seasonal custom home decorating services for all holidays and events complete from install to take down. Terri’s skilled eye for selecting quality materials and products to use in floral designs is helpful not only for MilandDil, but also as a buyer for General Wholesale Supply in Vivian, Louisiana. Her love of people and investing in others makes Terri seek out ways she can influence the world with what she knows in the floral business. In August of 2018, Terri started her design group Terri’s Creation Station where members learn all the tricks and techniques to run a successful business. Terri and her husband David have been married 45 years. They have three sons and nine grandchildren who all live in Shreveport/Bossier so their lives are full of fun and happiness.


JULIE SIOMACCO, Southern Charm Wreaths

Siomacco is owner, founder and lead designer of Southern Charm Wreaths, LLC and owner/co-founder of Wreath Makers Live, LLC. Having served for 9 years in the financial sector as a business executive, Julie stepped away to be a stay-at-home mom of three. In 2009, she took her passion for making wreaths and transformed it from a hobby to a full-time business. Self-taught with a natural gift for design, Julie capitalized on her financial background and built a thriving multi six-figure business. Julie isknown as the queen of wreath making and do-it-yourself holiday decorating. With her expertise and eye for color and texture, she teaches crafters her Southern Charm Wreath Design method so that they can advance their technique and learn how to be more confident in their creations. Also, known for teaching and inspiring others to succeed in the craft industry, Julie is now offering to share her signature Southern Charm Craft-preneur System, with others in the wreath-making and crafting industries to help craft-based business owners validate their ideas, create sustainable and scalable systems, and increase their profitability.

DAMON OATES, DecoExchange

Hey y’all its Damon here… My story is a little different… I work a full-time job in the Oil and Gas Industry, I’m an online business coach, creative inspirer and the owner and designer at DecoExchange. DecoExchange has given me a new purpose and has helped me find myself while changing the lives of thousands along the way. I absolutely love working with other creatives and watching them turn their dream of starting a small profitable business into reality. Everyday that I get to live this life is a blessing and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.


Warren Carlyle is a Community Building Strategist and the CEO/Founder of OctoNation™, the Largest Octopus Fan Club in the world 501(c)3, with 250,000+ members across various platforms.

He helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, and nonprofits grow through monetization strategies that build communities of ideal customers that actually show up to live videos & leave a flood of comments.

Having worked closely with celebrity artists, thought leaders, bloggers, fitness personalities, and brands such as Sony Pictures, Mont Blanc and GQ, Warren understands and advocates the building of an engaged community online as the lifeblood of a business’ relevancy in the marketplace

Since 2012 he has helped brands increase their sales, productivity and the overall success of their social media campaign through custom training sessions that teach step-by-step how to grow an active community.

The landscape of social media changes on a daily basis, Warren teaches whats working now while testing and developing the latest strategies of community building on a daily basis.

Warren’s programs are designed for individuals, companies, and organizations that are interested in strengthening relationships with their customers through community building on social media.


Roberto C. Candelaria is the Founder of “The Influencer Incubator” and Creator of “Sponsorship For Influencers and Position, Partner, Profit LIVe. His strategies have transformed the way global influencers, speakers and organizations increase their bottom line by getting sponsored and leveraging their platforms for profitability. Roberto has shared the stage as with speakers such as Dr. Barbara De Angelis, John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard, Greg S. Reid, Jim Kwik, Sharon Lechter, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Kevin Harrington and Les Brown. An in-demand Mentor, Strategist, and Consultant, Roberto has worked with companies such as American Airlines, BMW, DELL, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Zappos –to name a few. His clients and students have been sponsored by Accelerant, Adobe, Bell Helicopter, Black Enterprise, B.E.T., Capital One, Disney Parks, Disney Animation Studios, Cadillac, Dove, Microsoft, US Bank, Vocus and the WWE -to name a few. How many of your here today would like to get these big brands to write you a big check? A recognized industry leader, Roberto’s products and presentations have made him renowned, innovative expert. As one client recently said, “If you follow his plan, success is inevitable.”

ALLIE DEMOSS, Allie D. Virtual Solutions

Allie DeMoss, founder of Allie D. Virtual Solutions, focuses on Pinterest strategy and is also a partner of The Virtual Collab. She stays current with updated Pinterest algorithm shifts and strategies to ensure that her clients’ accounts continue to grow.  

CHRISTINE JERRY, The Virtual Collab

Aloha, everyone! I’m Christine Jerry from The Virtual Collab. Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, my husband and I moved to Arizona in 2004. It was not too long after becoming a stay-at-home mom that I realized I wanted to be able to create an income while being home with my baby girl. So in 2010, I started blogging. The industry has changed so much over the past 10 years, but my passion for growing websites has not. I love helping entrepreneurs develop their sites and support teams. It’s been an amazing journey to work with business owners, who want to focus on areas of their businesses they truly are passionate about. 


Jackie’s floristry journey began in the 1990’s when she opened a retail shop, although the roots go back to helping her father in his vegetable garden and mother in her flower gardens. Jackie was a board member of the Alabama State Florist Association for ten years and ultimately its President. She has run workshops, won design competitions and has also worked with top American designers helping with their stage presentations. Jackie was inducted into the prestigious AIFD (American Institute Floral Design) in 2015.

After 14 years she sold her retail business and opened Jackie Johns Florals Weddings and Events. In 2017 she has downsized into retirement. She now freelances, teaches, travels and shares her extensive knowledge of Floral Design. Jackie is an advocate for education within the Floral industry and has pledged to keep telling her knowledge of flowers to anyone who will listen and benefit. In 2015 she was asked to become a Floral Fundamentals Ambassador and traveled to Denmark for a 2 day floral photo shoot with some of the most elite European Designers.

Her unique bridal work was published in the 2014-2015 Fusion Flowers Wedding Magazine, a top European floral magazine, that is disbursed to 77 countries. She is known for her texture and color, not only in her bridal work but all aspects of floral design.

Jackie’s resume consists of designing at The Philadelphia Flower Show, Chairing one of the many committees at the 2019 FTD World Cup Floral Competition, Southern Chapter AIFD Board Member, Countless committees and Advocate for Floral Education.

Jackie is currently one of the floral designers for Sims Wholesale Fall and Christmas Design Events in Georgia and North Carolina. Jackie resides Alabama with her husband, 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

NICK KRETICOS, Nick’s Seasonal Decor

Nick Kreticos is a fresh and artificial floral designer who practices and teaches the art of floral design. His teaching videos and demonstrations have been shared all around the world reaching and inspiring millions of people.

Nick is located in Rowley, Massachusetts. This small town of 5,000 people is located roughly 20 minutes north of Boston. He attended Rittner’s School of Floral Design & Business in Boston. In school, he learned how to execute beautiful fresh floral designs for any occasion including weddings, funerals, parties, etc..

Nick started his business in October of 2016, and has quickly grown a following of over 100,000 people on all platforms of social media worldwide. His DIY videos have reached viral success, in which have inspired many to express their creative spirit.
Nick’s goal is to be able to inspire and educate through his informative videos. He hopes to encourage more people to practice the art of floral design.


Hello, I am Amy Rudy Smith but I bet you know me as Ba Bam! You know that wacky designer who creates out, out, out, outside the box – like way out – no doubt – it’s time to shout or let your wreaths do the talking cause creativity runs in my veins. From bubble gum machines to trash cans and toilet paper too – you just never know what’s coming – keeping it real cause this chick likes to deal some saucy designs that will tantalize your eyes. Besides designing, I also coach in my Facebook group Ba Bam’s Inside Scoop. My legacy I wish to leave is one that touches deeper than what we visually create. I hope to promote a joy from within that transcends to what we create! “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” -Matthew 6:21. Special thanks to my creator…aka Father God-couldn’t do it without you.


Born and raised in Longview TX, Dylan Palmer has been working as a designer for almost 10 years. Eight of those years working as an artificial floral designer and decorator for Ellis Home & Garden in Longview. In the past, when looking through the store one would often find tags bearing “Designed by Dylan” on many things from garlands and wreaths, to centerpieces, and especially Christmas trees during the holidays.

While Dylan’s talent and passion shines through in all of his work, there is also heart in everything he does. Dylan donates him time each year for a number of worthy causes including decorating for Neal McCoy’s East Texas Angel Networks’ annual sponsor dinner each fall.

Dylan loves to spend time working in clients homes, transforming their vision into a reality whether it be an everyday design or a winter wonderland. There is also an ever growing number of local businesses that entrust their professional image and appearance to Dylan’s design each year.  


Kelea Newhouse specializes in whimsical wispy design and fluid motion in floral design structure. Kelea has been a floral designer for more than 20 years. Her background in gift show production, merchandising and Etsy shop management help her to teach others in her Design School Classes. She has found her passion in teaching her students weekly on Facebook and in her design school community, helping them to learn to stand out from the masses in their designs. With over 19,000 sales on Etsy and love for high quality easy to use supplies she loves to help others learn to create with passion and love for floral design.